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Major Study of Waugh’s War Trilogy Published

evelyn waugh
Two well-known Waugh scholars have collaborated on a detailed study of Waugh’s War Trilogy. Their long-awaited work, In the Picture: The Facts Behind the Fiction in Evelyn Waugh’s “Sword of Honor,” was recently published by Editions Rodopi B.V. (Amsterdam and New … Continue reading

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Sword of Honour Among Telegraph’s Best War and History Books

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Waugh’s Sword of Honour Trilogy was listed by the Daily Telegraph earlier this year among “Best War and History Books of All Time.” The list consisted of 35 books, including both fiction and history in English and translation. Here is the … Continue reading

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Waugh Identified as Character Model in Daughter-in-Law’s Thriller

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Ephraim Hardcastle, a gossip columnist for the Daily Mail, has identified Evelyn Waugh as a possible model for the villain in his daughter-in-law’s new thriller. Hardcastle writes in the paper’s 25 November edition about the latest novel (A Long Hot Unholy … Continue reading

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Waugh Cameo in BBC Series on Tatler Magazine

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BBC has started a series of three programs on Tatler magazine: Posh People: Inside Tatler. In the first episode (Monday, 24 November) Matthew Bell, newly appointed Commissioning Editor, is among those interviewed. He was formerly the society diarist for the Independent … Continue reading

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Guardian Adds Scoop to Top 100 Novels List

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Robert McCrum, novelist and literary journalist, has for several months been writing a weekly Guardian column naming and discussing what he considers the 100 best novels in English. He is working through the history of English novel year by year … Continue reading

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Editor of Waugh’s Letters Retires from The Spectator

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Mark Amory, who edited the pioneering volume of Evelyn Waugh’s letters that appeared in 1980, has recently announced his retirement as Literary Editor of The Spectator. He went to work there a few years later in “about 1985.” In his … Continue reading

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New Age Waugh

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This week’s New York Times Book Review contains a review by writer David Leavitt of a novel by British satirist Edward St. Aubyn that was originally published in England in 1998. The novel, entitled On the Edge, is compared to … Continue reading

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Scoop Included in Daily Telegraph Top 100

evelyn waugh
Last month the Daily Telegraph published a list of the 100 novels everyone should read. This includes translations as well as books in English. There is no explanation of how or by whom the list was compiled or whether the books … Continue reading

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Memoir of Lord Berners’ Menage is Published

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A memoir of the residents of Lord Berners’ Faringdon House estate in Berkshire (now Oxfordshire) has been written by the granddaughter of one (or possibly two) of them. This is Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me by Sofka … Continue reading

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Last Mitford Sister Dies at 94

evelyn waugh
Deborah Cavendish (nee Freeman-Mitford), Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, died earlier this week at the age of 94. Evelyn Waugh and she were friends, though they were not nearly as close as were his friendships with her older sisters Nancy and … Continue reading

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Daily Mail Reports Sale of Waugh’s Favorite Writing Venue

evelyn waugh
The Daily Mail online edition for 16 September reports the offer for sale of the Easton Court Hotel in Chagford, Devon. www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2758196/Histor.... This is the place to which Evelyn Waugh retreated to do much of his writing, including his most … Continue reading

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Waugh and Spanish Civil War

evelyn waugh
Waugh’s views on the Spanish Civil War recently came up for comment in the TLS. In his review (July 4) of a recent book about war correspondents in Spain, Hotel Florida by Amanda Vaill, Jeremy Treglown commented that it was … Continue reading

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1960s Vintage Films of Waugh Novels Now Available on DVD

evelyn waugh
According to this post by film blogger Michael Barrett, both of the early theatrical films made of Waugh novels are now available in digital format: The Loved One (MGM, 1965) directed by Tony Richardson and screenplay by Terry Southern and … Continue reading

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Waugh on Weddings

evelyn waugh
As the month of June approaches, Moira Redmond was inspired to contribute an article to the Guardian newspaper for May 20, 2014 entitled “Marriage plots: the best wedding dresses in literature.” The article is included in a regular column called Books Blog … Continue reading

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D. J. Taylor Explores Literary Reputations

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In today’s Guardian (May 10, 2014), critic and novelist D.J. Taylor discusses the survival of literary reputations: Literary Hero to Zero. Later in the day, he presented a broadcast on BBC Radio 4 entitled Pulped Fiction, containing interviews, archival recordings … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Press Nemesis Recalled in The Independent

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The Independent on Sunday newspaper (April 20, 2014) has run an article recalling the career of a media figure from the 1950s who locked horns with Evelyn Waugh. The article appears in the paper’s regular column Invisible Ink written by … Continue reading

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Waugh Letter Appears in The American Reader

evelyn waugh
Waugh’s April 1946 letter to Randolph Churchill about his visit to the war criminal trials in Nuremburg is reprinted in latest edition of The American Reader: A Journal of Literature and Criticism. The editorial introduction to the letter suggested that … Continue reading

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Waugh Wins Place in Literary Bad Mothers Competition

evelyn waugh
In recognition of English Mother’s Day and to counterbalance the rash of greeting card excess, the Guardian has published an article by Moira Redmond entitled Bad Mothers in Books: a literary litany. Top award goes to Charles Dickens with a hat … Continue reading

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Novelist Joanna Trollope Salutes Evelyn Waugh

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In a BBC TV interview broadcast last Sunday (March 23, 2014) which continues to be available over the internet on BBC iPlayer, Mark Lawson spoke with novelist Joanna Trollope about her writing career. She is distantly related to the novelist … Continue reading

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Hugh Trevor-Roper on Evelyn Waugh (More)

evelyn waugh
Standpoint magazine has now published a review of the collected letters of Hugh Trevor- Roper which it had earlier excerpted. In the review, Paul Johnson, friend (or at least acquaintance) of Evelyn Waugh and fellow Roman Catholic, mentions HTR’s rather … Continue reading

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