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Waugh Cameo in BBC Series on Tatler Magazine

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BBC has started a series of three programs on Tatler magazine: Posh People: Inside Tatler. In the first episode (Monday, 24 November) Matthew Bell, newly appointed Commissioning Editor, is among those interviewed. He was formerly the society diarist for the Independent … Continue reading

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Novelist Joanna Trollope Salutes Evelyn Waugh

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In a BBC TV interview broadcast last Sunday (March 23, 2014) which continues to be available over the internet on BBC iPlayer, Mark Lawson spoke with novelist Joanna Trollope about her writing career. She is distantly related to the novelist … Continue reading

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Waugh as a savior of Victorian heritage

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In a new BBC Four series that started Sunday night, Bunkers, Brutalism and Bloodymindedness: Concrete Poetry, art historian and critic Jonathan Meades cites Evelyn Waugh as one of the leaders of the movement to preserve the Victorian heritage in art … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Last Interviewer Dies at 90

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Novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard died earlier this month in Suffolk. She was the last person to conduct a broadcast interview of Evelyn Waugh. This was for the BBC Monitor documentary series and was transmitted in February 1964. According to her memoirs, … Continue reading

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Waugh makes brief appearance in BBC Documentary about Writers in the Blitz

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A recent episode of the BBC’s series The Culture Show (November 6, 2013), entitled Wars of the Heart, dealt with the experience of several writers during the Blitz. The presenter was James Runcie. The primary focus was on Graham Greene … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh’s 1960 Face to Face interview with John Freeman

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In June 1960 Evelyn Waugh was interviewed by John Freeman for the BBC television program Face to Face. Although during the interview Waugh isn’t exactly bursting with bonhomie and appears more than a little ill at ease (it was apparently … Continue reading

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BBC television documentary on the Commandos in WWII

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EWS member Jeffrey Manley brings to our attention Castle Commando, a fascinating new BBC documentary about British Commandos in World War II and their specialized training. Mr. Manley writes: [The program] features prominently both Waugh and his nemesis Lord Lovat. … Continue reading

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