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Guardian Adds Scoop to Top 100 Novels List

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Robert McCrum, novelist and literary journalist, has for several months been writing a weekly Guardian column naming and discussing what he considers the 100 best novels in English. He is working through the history of English novel year by year … Continue reading

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Waugh on Weddings

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As the month of June approaches, Moira Redmond was inspired to contribute an article to the Guardian newspaper for May 20, 2014 entitled “Marriage plots: the best wedding dresses in literature.” The article is included in a regular column called Books Blog … Continue reading

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D. J. Taylor Explores Literary Reputations

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In today’s Guardian (May 10, 2014), critic and novelist D.J. Taylor discusses the survival of literary reputations: Literary Hero to Zero. Later in the day, he presented a broadcast on BBC Radio 4 entitled Pulped Fiction, containing interviews, archival recordings … Continue reading

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Waugh Wins Place in Literary Bad Mothers Competition

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In recognition of English Mother’s Day and to counterbalance the rash of greeting card excess, the Guardian has published an article by Moira Redmond entitled Bad Mothers in Books: a literary litany. Top award goes to Charles Dickens with a hat … Continue reading

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Jonathan Coe: What’s so funny about comic novels?

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Evelyn Waugh barely gets a mention, but Jonathan Coe’s reflections in the Guardian on the comic novel are worth sharing: All of this leads us inevitably to PG Wodehouse, the elephant in my comic room, about whom I’ve been silent … Continue reading

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Lost Evelyn Waugh letters reveal thwarted love for ‘bright young thing’

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From the Guardian: She was known as Teresa “Baby” Jungman, a beauty among the bohemian “bright young things” of 1920s English society, whose high-class hedonism inspired Evelyn Waugh to write Vile Bodies. She was also the unrequited love of Waugh’s … Continue reading

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