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Waugh on Weddings

evelyn waugh
As the month of June approaches, Moira Redmond was inspired to contribute an article to the Guardian newspaper for May 20, 2014 entitled “Marriage plots: the best wedding dresses in literature.” The article is included in a regular column called Books Blog … Continue reading

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D. J. Taylor Explores Literary Reputations

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In today’s Guardian (May 10, 2014), critic and novelist D.J. Taylor discusses the survival of literary reputations: Literary Hero to Zero. Later in the day, he presented a broadcast on BBC Radio 4 entitled Pulped Fiction, containing interviews, archival recordings … Continue reading

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Waugh’s Press Nemesis Recalled in The Independent

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The Independent on Sunday newspaper (April 20, 2014) has run an article recalling the career of a media figure from the 1950s who locked horns with Evelyn Waugh. The article appears in the paper’s regular column Invisible Ink written by … Continue reading

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Waugh Wins Place in Literary Bad Mothers Competition

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In recognition of English Mother’s Day and to counterbalance the rash of greeting card excess, the Guardian has published an article by Moira Redmond entitled Bad Mothers in Books: a literary litany. Top award goes to Charles Dickens with a hat … Continue reading

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Hugh Trevor-Roper on Evelyn Waugh (More)

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Standpoint magazine has now published a review of the collected letters of Hugh Trevor- Roper which it had earlier excerpted. In the review, Paul Johnson, friend (or at least acquaintance) of Evelyn Waugh and fellow Roman Catholic, mentions HTR’s rather … Continue reading

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Malcolm Muggeridge on Waugh and Stopp’s biography

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In 1959 Malcolm Muggeridge reviewed Frederick J. Stopp’s biography of Evelyn Waugh for the New Republic and described his own slight acquaintance with its subject: The last time I saw him was at a wedding. I am no expert on … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh manuscripts at the British Library

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A short article at the British Library’s English and Drama blog on its Evelyn Waugh collection: The British Library holds an extensive Waugh collection, at the heart of which is Waugh’s incoming correspondence. These letters, dating from 1921 to 1966, … Continue reading

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Jonathan Coe: What’s so funny about comic novels?

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Evelyn Waugh barely gets a mention, but Jonathan Coe’s reflections in the Guardian on the comic novel are worth sharing: All of this leads us inevitably to PG Wodehouse, the elephant in my comic room, about whom I’ve been silent … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh and the Latin Mass Society of England & Wales

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In 1965, Evelyn Waugh helped found the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales. The current issue of Regina magazine contains an article (“Shades of Evelyn Waugh: An Update on the Latin Mass in England & Wales“;) on the history … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh and Nunney

evelyn waugh
Nunney is a village near Frome in the English county of Somerset which Evelyn Waugh visited while house hunting in 1936. An article on the Visit Nunney website tells the story.

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Joy unbounded: Spectator archive now online

evelyn waugh
The Spectator has made available online a searchable archive of 180 years (1828 – 2008) of the magazine. Initial search results can be further refined by category: Article, Letter, Fiction, etc., which will be a boon to researchers of all … Continue reading

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“Isn’t it true that the only liquid Americans drink is ice water?”

evelyn waugh
Dave Wood, of the (Wisconsin) River Falls Journal, considers Evelyn Waugh and recalls a story told him by the Roman Catholic American author and sometime Waugh houseguest J. F. Powers.

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Sunset Boulevard’s debt to The Loved One

evelyn waugh
Thanks to Steve Sailer for drawing to our attention to his article in Taki’s Magazine about how much Billy Wilder’s classic 1950 movie Sunset Boulevard is derived from Waugh’s The Loved One, which Wilder had tried to get the movie studio … Continue reading

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Evelyn Waugh’s Hampstead days

evelyn waugh
The Ham(pstead) & High(gate) website features a Jan. 12th article by Adam Sonin on Evelyn Waugh’s Hampstead days.

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The Royal College of Psychiatrists and Waugh/Pinfold

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On the website of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, in a section devoted to books that have a mental health theme, Dr. Alexandra Pitman reviews The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold: Both author and protagonist describe alcoholic hallucinosis – a relatively rare complication … Continue reading

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Maugham, Ford, Waugh, and the experience of war

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In The Spectator‘s Book Blog, Steven McGregor discusses Somerset Maugham’s The Hero, Ford Madox Ford’s Parade’s End, and Evelyn Waugh’s Sword of Honour Trilogy in the light of the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a follow-up post, David … Continue reading

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Brideshead vs. Downton

evelyn waugh
Alexander Nazaryan in the New York Daily News gives the crown to Brideshead.

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