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Evelyn Waugh Forums now live

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A threaded discussion capability has been added to this website. Commonly known as an Internet forum or message board, this feature permits people to hold conversations in the form of posted messages about a subject of common interest. The Evelyn … Continue reading

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Paul Johnson: Novelists at Arms

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Paul Johnson in Standpoint magazine surveys novels and novelists of the Second World War, including James Jones, Norman Mailer, Olivia Manning, Anthony Powell, and Evelyn Waugh: It is a mistake, in my view, to hold a popularity contest between A … Continue reading

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Never seen a copy of Cyril Connolly’s Horizon magazine?

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Unz.org provides free access to its online archive of periodicals, books, videos and films, including full runs of Horizon (1940-1949), Encounter (1953-1991), and many others.

Upd: А вот статья Розы Маколей об Ивлине из номера "Горизонта" за декабрь 1946 - та самая, что каталогизирована в составе его библиотеки.
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Evelyn Waugh His Book

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An essay by Naomi Milthorpe in the most recent edition of sсript & Print: Bulletin of the Bibliographical Society of Australia & New Zealand discusses the provenance and dating of Evelyn Waugh's bookplates.

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Plas Dulas to be demolished

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From the North Wales Weekly News (Nov. 10, 2011): Plas Dulas, which dates back to the 1780s, will make way for a housing development following a unanimous decision by Conwy County Council planners yesterday. Developer Alex Davies was granted permission … Continue reading

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Guardian interview with Alec Waugh’s son Peter

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The Guardian interview (Nov. 25, 2011) with Alec Waugh's son, Peter, paints a less than flattering picture of Evelyn Waugh as an uncle: When he was nine, Peter was introduced to Evelyn. It is a vivid memory. His uncle sat … Continue reading

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LibraryThing completes online catalog of Evelyn Waugh’s library

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The book-centered social website LibraryThing has announced that its project to make available online a catalog of Evelyn Waugh's library has been completed. LibraryThing states that 2,752 books are in the finished catalog, but this number is considerably less than … Continue reading

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Waugh meets a Lancing Old Boy at the Dorchester

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The EWS thanks Mr. Ric Cooper for the following delightful anecdote, which arrived by email: My father, Giles Cooper, dramatised Sword of Honour for BBC television in 1966. Before the project could be confirmed, he and his long-time collaborator Donald … Continue reading

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Comedian specializing in Evelyn Waugh wins BBC Mastermind quiz

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Comedian Russell Kane, who chose The Life and Novels of Evelyn Waugh as his special subject, won BBC Television's Children In Need Mastermind Special 2011, broadcast on BBC2 on Nov. 11th. He scored an unusually high 18 out of 19 … Continue reading

Я, кстати, ответил на 19 из 19 (случайно не залажал вопрос про Кум Флори -- собственно, только потому, что недавно обсуждали), носогласен: вопросы не особенно сложные, но чтобы на них ответить, нужно постоянно держать всё это в голове. А это не так-то просто, если ты не увлечён.
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Derek Granger and friends discuss TV Brideshead in London on Oct. 27th

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Derek Granger, producer and (something that was unknown until recently) one of the writers of the highly regarded 1981 Granada Television adaptation of Brideshead Revisited, will be appearing with cast members at the Rayne Theatre (Chickenshed) in Southgate, London on Thurs. Oct. … Continue reading

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Publication of Duncan McLaren’s Evelyn! delayed

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Beautiful Books, which this autumn was to have published Duncan McLaren's Evelyn!: Rhapsody for an Obsessive Love, has entered administration. A new publisher is being sought. Prospective readers of the book—a group that surely includes those who were lucky enough … Continue reading

Очень жаль :(( Тшорт :((
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Dearest Nancy, Darling Evelyn at Bewdley Festival

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The 2011 Bewdley Festival, held in Bewdley, Worcestershire, features a performance of Dearest Nancy, Darling Evelyn, a dramatization of the correspondence between Evelyn Waugh and Nancy Mitford. The performance (Oct. 9) stars Fenella Fielding, Nigel Anthony, and Nickolas Grace. A … Continue reading

Вот интересно, кого играет Николас Грейс -- неужели Гарольда Эктона? ;)
Упд: Нет, расказчика.
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BBC Radio 4 Extra to broadcast Evelyn Waugh short stories

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From the BBC press release: On Monday 10 October, Radio 4 Extra launches a new strand, The Short Story Zone. Every weekday at 11am (repeated at 9pm and 4am), listeners will hear a selection of contemporary and classic short story … Continue reading

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Внезапно баннеры (в эпиграфе), тысячи их.


Henley Literary Festival

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This year's Henley Literary Festival (Sept. 28 to Oct. 2) features two talks of particular interest to Waugh enthusiasts. Selina Hastings (Fri. Sept. 30): "To write biographies of great writers is a task fraught with danger but Selina Hastings has … Continue reading

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Alec Waugh titles republished by Bloomsbury

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The Guardian reports today on Bloomsbury Publishing's announcement of a new digital imprint, Bloomsbury Reader, whose mission is to bring back to life "hundreds of forgotten classics." The Bloomsbury Reader list will be focused on ebooks, but will also make … Continue reading

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World Books Broadsheet, Dec. 1948

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Correspondent Roger Osborn has sent the EWS scans in PDF format of a two-sided flier he found laid in a secondhand copy of When the Going Was Good, published by World Books, The Reprint Society, London, in December 1948. The … Continue reading

Там по ссылке биография Во и примечание редактора об участии самого мистера Во в её написании. Когда мы, пишет, связались с мистером Во относительно его биографии, он ответил: "Если вы в самом деле хотите что-нибудь написать, купите экземпляр журнала "Тайм". Там вы найдёте по-детски неточную заметочку обо мне. Пишите с точностью до наоборот."
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Evelyn Waugh Society now on Twitter

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The Evelyn Waugh Society is now on Twitter at @evelynwaughsoc. The Society will use Twitter to announce updates to the News section of this website. News updates are also available through the site's RSS feed.

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New Waugh Penguins coming in 2011

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Penguin UK's 2011 publication schedule includes seventeen books by Evelyn Waugh, all hardbacks except for The Complete Short Stories, which will be in paperback. May: A Handful of Dust, Black Mischief, Decline and Fall, Labels, Ninety-Two Days, Remote People, Rossetti, … Continue reading

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Osbert Sitwell’s inscribed copy of Decline and Fall for sale

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England's Colchester Bookshop is offering for sale a copy of Decline and Fall inscribed to Osbert Sitwell. From the listing at AbeBooks.com: An exceptional association and presentation copy from the very beginning of Evelyn Waugh's career as an author, dated … Continue reading

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